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Our company was established over 45 years ago, built on family values at a time when a handshake was the preferred way of doing business. We’ve grown a lot since then, adding corporate sensibilities to our business model and constantly updating and refining our manufacturing processes.

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We know that to deliver the best products and design solutions for our clients, we have to use the latest technologies. It has been our ongoing mission to continually integrate the newest manufacturing methods into our processes, while never losing sight of quality or what traditional manufacturing solutions can still provide.

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Our people are the heart of the company. Most of our team members have been here for years. We continually promote from within, because we know that experience gained in working with our clients is priceless and immeasurable. Over time, they have all become experts at understanding and meeting our clients’ needs.


For over four decades, we have manufactured products with the highest level of quality, providing our customers with nothing but the best.


From the invention of the drywall lift in the early ’70s to customized safety solutions for industries around the globe, we are continuously making advancements in manufacturing and design.


Our products have been the industry standard since 1973, and we strive to provide our customers not only with great products, but also with exceptional customer service.

About us

Paragon Pro™ – Using 45 Years of Experience
to Create Innovative Solutions

We want to share that experience with you. Whether it’s through new product development, contract manufacturing, custom product and production solutions, or our engineering and design services, we can find the answer to meet your needs.

Building Trust

We know you’re putting a lot of trust in a partner that’s producing your products, building a custom solution, or supplying your customers with equipment, which is why we never lose sight of building trust when we do business.

Producing Quality

Supplying our clients with the quality solutions they deserve within the defined timeline is something we take pride in. Having your project come to life is exciting, and one of the most satisfying aspects of doing business. Producing quality for our customers is its own reward and the payoff for your trust in us.

Committed to our clients

Our company mission is to build a trust-based relationship with our clients and provide high-quality, cost-effective solutions to meet their unique needs in a timely manner.

Committed to Innovation

Our design team looks at our clients’ needs and creates solutions from the ground up. It’s our experience that gives us a new perspective and makes our team the fresh set of eyes your project needs.

Committed to Partnerships

We look at relationships with our clients as true partnerships. All great partnerships are built on trust, honesty, dependability, and communication. Those four tenants guide us in all we do with our clients.

Our Team
Trent Baumer Partner / Plant Manager / Estimator at Paragon Pro Manufacturing Solutions, formerly known as Telpro Inc.

Trent Baumer

Partner/Plant Manager/Estimator

After nearly twenty years of working for Telpro Inc., Trent (in conjunction with his partners) purchased it in 2018 and renamed it Paragon Pro Manufacturing Solutions. He guides all aspects of production.

Elaine Mathew Partner / Office Manager at Paragon Pro Manufacturing Solutions, formerly known as Telpro Inc.

Elaine Mathew

Partner/Office Manager

Elaine was also a member of the company when it was Telpro Inc. Seeing a great opportunity, she joined Trent in purchasing the company.

Trevor Baumer Partner / Purchasing Manager at Paragon Pro Manufacturing Solutions, formerly known as Tel Pro Inc.

Trevor Baumer

Partner/Purchasing Manager

Trevor has worked for the company for many years. When his brother asked if he would join the endeavor, he decided to become an ownership partner of Paragon Pro too, ensuring that even though new ownership was in place the family atmosphere would remain.

Tony Cooper Telpro Product Sales at Paragon Pro Manufacturing Solutions

Tony Cooper

Sales Manager

In 2012, Tony came to Telpro and started working production on the Panellift® brand line. This helped to build his knowledge base of the Telpro products. It soon became apparent that he was much better suited to work directly with our clients, and he’s been an invaluable sales team member.

Seth Borsvold Customer Service Representative at Paragon Pro Manufacturing Solutions, formerly known as Telpro Inc.

Seth Borsvold

Customer Service

Seth has been with the company for over 17 years. He’s the technical guru when it comes to the Panellift® line.

Jered Worden

Project Design and Development

With years of manufacturing experience specializing in design and process development, Jered works closely with customers and our engineering department to ensure the highest quality at the best price point possible.

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