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3-D Print 

Whether your project is large or small, our team of experts can develop and manufacture your custom solution.

Our design team has created custom solutions for a wide range of industries. We also build our own line of quality products. Let us combine our design and production experience to help you solve any challenges your team is facing and create a custom solution for you or your customer.

Custom Solutions for manufacturing, custom engineered
Paragon Pro Manufacturing, custom solutions, specially engineered, adjustable height and angle mobile work platform


We take a hands-on approach. From visiting your location to determine all of the environmental factors affecting your work to knowing what questions to ask, we become your partners in creating solutions. We can help with:

  • Product Design
    • SolidWorks (CAD)
  • Prototyping/Development
    • 125 years of combined experience
Custom engineered solution for manufacturing


Partnering with your company and creating a solution is the first step, but we’re not done. Next, we make sure that if you are doing your own manufacturing you’re set up with what you need to be efficient in the production of your product, or in the use of what we’ve designed for you. Here are a couple of areas where we continue to help:

Paragon Pro - Innovation - Custom Engineered Solution


Sometimes a second set of eyes is all your solution needs in order become a reality. At other times it takes multiple people and thinking outside the box, and we’re very good at both, as you can see from:

  • Over 100 products invented
  • 15 patents held

3D Printer

(UV Cured Resin)

If your company is on the cutting edge of design and production, then your partner should be too. Partner with us, where we’re using 3-D printing technology to speed up the design process, eliminate time wasted through standard prototyping, and getting manufactured goods in production or to market faster than ever before.

  • Repeatable high fidelity prints.
  • Rapid prototyping.
  • 25μm resolution.
  • Wide range of materials, including high strength, flexible, clear, fast printing.
  • Production quality and speed, scalable to meet your needs.

Paragon Pro™

We transform ideas and visions into safe, labor-saving products.
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